Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sample MVC Site

Just for fun, I created a simple MVC site using the ASP.NET MVC Framework Preview 3.

It was fairly easy to use, has some great examples out there, and took less time to develop the basic site than I thought (from running Visual Studio to deploying the code ~1 hour)

Here is the total sum of the learning curve to get the basics:
1. Watch the ASP.NET MVC Preview 3 Videos on The videos are done by Scott Hanselman who walks you though some basic concepts and sites. The sourcecode is available, and you can download it from the provided link.
2. Check out the ASP.NET MVC Storefront Starter Kit. I found this to be a big help to me, I just basically watched a few of the videos, and picked up the needed information.

Here is the link in case your interested:

The site has some additional funcationality and sections that I did not publish in the first run. I am going to keep working on those, and get them added at a later date.

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