Friday, September 12, 2008

TwitterSpy for Twitter

If your an avid user of Twitter, then you should check out TwitterSpy.

TwitterSpy uses the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) for communication, meaning that any Jabber compatible IM client can use it.

This blog post details how to set up TwitterSpy in GoogleTalk

TwitterSpy offers a host of funcationality, available via your IM client. Here is a list of commands supported according to the help menu:

autopost Enable or disable autopost
follow Follow a user
help Get help for commands.
lang Set your language.
leave Leave (stop following) a user
off Disable updates.
on Activate updates.
post Post a message to twitter.
search Perform a sample search (but do not track)
track Track a topic (summize query string)
tracks List your tracks.
twlogin Set your twitter username and password (use at your own risk)
twlogout Discard your twitter credentials
untrack Stop tracking a topic
watch_friends Enable or disable watching friends.
whois Find out who a particular user is.

Here is a list of based commands to get you started:
Login:-type "twlogin" yourusername yourpassword
Post:-type "post" + what you want to post to twitter
Watch Friends-type "watch_friends enable" to start recieving messages, and "watch_friends disable" to stop.

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Antonio said...

The best part of TwitterSpy is the track functionality. Type track [something] and tweets in the public timeline that contain [something] is sent back to you, regardless if the user is in your friends group. For instance, track CERN and track Hurricane Ike have produced very interesting and informative results over the past week.