Thursday, October 2, 2008

Microsoft 'Windows Cloud' Internet-based operating system

The rumor is that Microsoft will announce a Windows Internet-based (Cloud) operating system at this year's Professional Developers Conference (PDC).

From what I can find, the basic idea is that the core components will be installed on a user's machine, with many of the features that we assoc ate with an operating system being available via a connection to the Internet.

This basic strategy will be based upon the Windows Live Core. Here is a great description I found online:
Windows Live Core is in essence the evolution of the Live services platform, a "cloud-based platform services that will allow the creation of compelling applications that make deep use of network-based information," according to Microsoft.
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While this is interesting, you might also be interested to learn of the discussion that Google's Chrome is also the beginnings of a Cloud operating system, by extending the browser's functionality for Internet based applications.
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How will it all go together, and what is the plan? Not sure. I guess we'll know more after PDC.

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antonio said...

check this out:

Amazon is going to let EC2 (their cloud implementation) users run windows and therefore IIS, SQL Server, etc. This means the full ASP.NET experience deployed across the cluster.

Amazon's EC2 already has an established userbase and a reasonable expectation of quality and reliability. This was a response to MS announcement of cloud OS.

Christopher Hardwick said...

For anyone that's interested, the link seems to have been cut off for the article Antonio's is referencing, it is