Friday, January 13, 2012

Determine your Ektron Version

Determing your Ektron product version should be simple

Within the website you can view a series of keys within the Web.config file that determines the product version:

<add key="ek_InstallBuild" value=""/>
<add key="ek_ServicePack" value="SP2"/>
<add key="ek_version" value="8.02"/>

You should also note that the Ektron version is available for the end-user to view it within the Ektron work area in the top left hand-corner (see screenshot below):

After searching, it does not appear that the product version is stored within the database for Ektron. There are version columns but this appears to be for versioning data within the application and not for determining the database (or Ektron product) version. This article on the forum seems to back-up these findings: Database Version(2).

Database Version(2)

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Edgar said...

Try this on your DB:

USE myEktronDB
select convert (varchar, version) from settings

That should give you the Ektron version stored on the DB.