Saturday, August 16, 2008

AVG Free... "Update Manager: A .bin file is missing"

This morning I noticved the warning icon on my task bar for AVG. It looks like this:

It turns out the Update Manager failed after the last update, and now a few scary messages, such as "You are not protected! Please, check the following components:" and "Update Manager: A .bin file is missing"

The failed update looks like this:

I attempted to run the update manager again, and it still had the same problem. After doing a little research, I was able to find this article on the forum:,142806,backpage=1,sv=

Basically, from what the post says this is a problem happening on their end, and basically to wait for the problem to be resolved.

If your reading this because your having the same problem, the post also says that there is no immediate risk, since the anti-virus is still running, just not receiving any updates.

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Antonio said...

Just stop using antivirus software. Most people with some inkling of common sense and a bit of due diligence can avoid using any form of antivirus software. Any software that is designed to be intrusive and constantly mutating is as bad as the viruses they are trying to prevent. I guarantee your environment will be more performant and just plain nicer when you're not constantly pinging some AV engine. And if it forces you to be a little more judicious in your Internet activity, that's a good thing!