Saturday, December 31, 2011

MobiGo Connecting to a Computer - Device not Found

So my son received a V-Tech MobiGo "Touch Learning System" for Christmas. Both of the older boys love it, but it has a feature to connect it to a computer.

Seems simple enough: Install the software, and then connect the device. The directions point to a location of with instructions to select "Learning Lodge Navigator" software. Ok. No problem.

After installing the software, and connecting the device, it kept giving the error "device not found". The Windows 7 PC sees the device, the driver was loaded, everything seemed to be fine... except for the software.

After searching around, it turns out there is more than one Learning Lodge Navigator, and you have to select the correct one. The actual one to download and use is located at:

To fix the problem: disconnect the MobiGo device. Uninstall the other version of the "Learning Lodge Navigator", go to the link above and download then install the correct version. Reconnect the device, and it will find it correctly.

Yahoo Answers Article with the correct download link.

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