Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Best Practices for Developing Your First Ektron Site

This is a good presentation on best practices for Ektron.

Key Points:

  • Prefer SmartForms over HTML content - SmartForms provide a structured representation of your content allowing for greater control, and options for content re-use.

  • PageBuilder - The presentation recommends leveraging PageBuilder. My own experiences with PageBuilder have been mixed, but then again I am working with 8.0 and not version 8.5

  • Create an abstraction layer of Ektron - A key point in any application, but most definitively within Ektron. An abstraction layer to avoid directly calling the Ektron assemblies.

  • Have a caching strategy

  • Logging - The presentation recommends using the integrated Microsoft Enterprise Library logging that is already used within Ekton CMS.

  • Configuration - The presentation points out that the Ektron configuration, and your custom configuration should be separated into different configuration files.

Best Practices for Developing Your First Ektron Site

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Anonymous said...

Great tips, and certainly what should be on any Ektron implementation guide.

When I started using the Ektron CMS platform, I didn't understand the value of some of these items, especially using smart forms, so I avoided them. This caused much pain and anguish in the long term, as trying to convince my content editors to change proved very painful.