Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ektron: Using a SmartForm root element other than <Root>

When creating an Ektron SmartForm you may want to have a root element other than the default <Root> element.

It's pretty easy to do, just follow these simple steps:
1. Select the Group Box option from the menu

2. Set the 'Field Name' on the 'General' tab to the name of the root element.
2. Select the 'Advanced' tab

3. Select 'Use this element as a root tag' from the 'Root Tag' section

4. Select 'OK'

Additional Information:

  • When you add the group box as designate it as the root tag, you cannot place anything outside of the group box. This makes a lot of sense, but know if your moving things around... everything has to be inside of the group box.
  • If you have created this SmartForm previously, this change will cause the underlying data structure be to changed in a way that will remove any previous data. If your making this change on an existing SmartForm, I would recommend creating a new one (by copying and then making the change), and then migrating content from the old SmartForm to the new one.
  • If your using version 8 then you might want to check out my post Smart Form with custom root element blank when editing (Version: 8.02)

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Smart Form with custom root element blank when editing (Version: 8.02)

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